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Simple tools to maintain emotional connection in the midst of busy schedules and external demands.

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Handle conflict faster… and with better results. Get to the root of the issues you wrestle over and get back to a healthy place.

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Build trust so much it becomes a protective barrier from the distractions of this society. Share inside jokes. Keep secrets from the world, not from each other.

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Who are we?
Instead of separating, we found tools that work! Now we feel like newlyweds...

We are Certified Mentors, Jay and Lori Pyatt

Deep sexual betrayal damaged the first 15 years of our marriage. We went through breakdown after breakdown and were on the brink of divorce.

But in 2010, Lori said "Enough is enough! I have to do something different this time!" From there we began a process of rebuilding our relationship from the ground up. We found hundreds of tools and techniques, which ultimately gave us a marriage we never imagined possible.

It feels like we're newlyweds again... well, most of the time, anyway.

In 2016, we started working with couples dealing with similar betrayal and breakdown. We see huge change in the couples working with us. Most of them were considering divorce before contacting us, now they are reconnecting and living a healthier, more joy-filled marriage.

Now we are making those tools available to any couple, to take them from good to great.

(Click here to read Jay's Story and Lori's Story)

What is the Couple Cure?

We help you find out what's possible.

Dating – Starting the Relationship

When you see each other in the very best light. This is how God intended us to be.

Honeymoon Period – Still Excited about the Possibilities

Even when things go wrong, you enjoy every moment. Life couldn’t get any better.

The Rut – It’s not bad, It’s not good, it just is

You settled into a daily pattern. You took a good shot at happiness and this is where you landed.

You don’t know – find out how good the future can be

With some help and work you can climb a little higher and see a whole new life before you.

Leave the rut behind and find your next horizon.

The rut doesn’t have to feel awful to exist, you just live through a consistent pattern where nothing really changes and feels like it will never get any better.

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