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Effective tools to help you communicate and create emotional connection.


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Build trust so strong it protects you from life’s distractions.

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Who are We?

Instead of leaving, we found tools that work!

We are Jay and Lori Pyatt, Trauma-Trained Certified Mentors for addicts, partners and couples.

Porn addiction and lies nearly destroyed us. We went through breakdown after breakdown and were on the brink of divorce several times.

But after 15 years, Lori said "This is it! I have to do something different!"

That began the process of rebuilding our relationship from the ground up. We found hundreds of tools and techniques, which ultimately gave us a marriage we never imagined possible.

Now it feels like we're newlyweds again... well, most of the time, anyway.

In 2016, we started working with those dealing with the trauma of betrayal. While we see huge healing in the single people who've worked with us, most of the couples were on the brink before contacting us, but now they are living healthier, more joy-filled marriages.

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Short episodes for free tips (and a bit about our disasters)

Podcast:  Coffee with The Couple Cure

Need to rebuild trust? Unsure where to start?

The Basics of Rebuilding Trust.

What is
the Couple Cure?

It’s a program developed to help couples after porn addiction, betrayal, and abuse.

It’s a way to create more than the common couple, helping you find a better future… together!