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How Lies Increase Betrayal Trauma, Pt 1 (Video) – 2.07S

Women tell me the lying is worse than the sexual integrity issue. Jay goes into the first lies he ever told, and Lori shares what she thought when he’d lie about certain things. He even shared some brand new truth the day of this recording.

Other Sources of Betrayal Pain (Video/Podcast) – 2.03S

“Aren’t you over this yet?” “It’s just porn!” “It’s your job to forgive!” Some things told to betrayed who’ve been betrayed don’t help. They only become new sources of pain; new ways…

Q&A: A Question to “Cheaters”/Losing Faith/Addiction’s Pace/Rivalries/Gambling

Below are the questions we answered in our first Q&A Session(s). We’ll be doing this from time to time–in between podcasting seasons–so subscribe on YouTube if you don’t want to miss any, as we may not post all of them here. If you want us to continue these, be sure to hit the “Thumbs Up” Read more about Q&A: A Question to “Cheaters”/Losing Faith/Addiction’s Pace/Rivalries/Gambling[…]

How I know we are really together

How I know we are really together. So here is the challenge that most of us face: when we are physically together with our significant other (SO), we aren’t really together emotionally. We are sitting on the same couch, but we are miles apart when it comes to our needs, thoughts, and feelings. If this Read more about How I know we are really together[…]