How Entertainment Actually Helped After Betrayal (learning but not applying) – 4.20S

This episode covers video games and hobbies, and how being distracted by learning things can harm trust restoration. We also discuss how entertainment actually helped our relationship.

TIMESTAMPS (click on a time below to be taken to that section)

0:00 Intro
0:11 How video games affected our marriage
1:42 I couldn’t entertain him
2:55 One Solution: Watch out for dissociation *
5:45 Distracted by learning (but not applying)
7:37 Solutions: Some refreshing time is needed (when distractions help) *
8:53 How Jay helped Lori with video games, etc
10:10 In the next episode: Entertainment vs True Satisfaction – Jay and Lori’s website – Matthew Fray’s website – Lori’s site for betrayed partners – Jay’s site for porn addiction recovery


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