His Self-Deception (& How to Fight It) – 2.09S

Jay and Lori discuss self-deception and lies. Why do betrayers do this? Why did Jay lie to Lori?

They also cover some things you can do to overcome these behaviors and get to a better place.

0:36 The World: “Porn is okay unless… (2 things)” + one more

1:20 Deception is one thing, but if he’s self-deceived… (forms of it)

2:18 The deception of being involved in recovery

3:39 (Why guys deflect with ‘There’s something you’re doing wrong’)

4:40 Two things you can do to fight his self-deception

6:18 Why have a network of support

7:10 “Being in active recovery” vs. recovering (a difference)

7:38 When the Pros can’t detect it…

9:16 Lori asks Jay what role self-deception played in his life

10:05 Lori asks Jay, “What were you were really doing?”

10:42 Conclusion


The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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