How to “Rage at the Addiction” (solutions for relationships) – 4.00S


Whether you’re married, divorced, single or separated, there are effective solutions that can help you heal and can help you have better relationships.


This video previews what to expect in the coming weeks and explains how you can find those solutions.


The second half of the video explains how Raging at the Addiction can actually help you heal more quickly.  (Clicking on the timestamps below will take you to that part of the video OR you can find the audio on most major podcast platforms by searching for “Coffee with the Couple Cure”.)



0:00 Intro / Something new this season

1:15 Topics covered this season / Solutions *

2:16 Who this season is for (married, single, separated)

3:51 How to navigate these videos (safe for betrayed partners)

4:45 The solutions are effective

5:01 Don’t want these videos sent to you?

5:50 Disclaimers / For the betrayed *

8:01 The charred outline on the wall

8:39 Not every man wants to (or can) do this

9:02 Important cautions *

9:42 How I explained it in group (our take)

11:22 Experts call it “Raging at the addiction”

11:41 The image that comes to mind (standing then caring)

12:24 More important cautions *

13:37 Why this works / Experts say…

15:34 One place that helps guys with this / Preview

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