Step 11: Contact God (Living in a surrendered way) – 3.11S

It’s one thing to lay down an addiction, but it needs to be replaced with something more life-giving. This episode is about taking your sobriety further on a daily basis through relationship with God/your Higher Power. We offer practical ways to accomplish this, as well as cautions for rebuilding trust after betrayal, lies and abuse.

Episode Summary:
-Step 11 of the 12-Steps (Increasing your conscious contact with God & praying for HIS will and HIS Power)
-One difference between prayer and meditation
-It’s about living in a surrendered way… daily
-Side note for betrayed partners and this step in the Bible

0:00 Intro to Step 11 / Jay’s take on how prayer and meditation are different / Ways to meditate***
3:04 Praying for God’s will & surrendering / Conscious contact with God
4:29 One major benefit of meditation / How Lori did this the previous year
6:53 One practical way to do this / It’s meant to be done daily***
8:54 God may call you to do something very uncomfortable / the difference between safety and security ***
10:36 … but this is where the adventure begins, yet with betrayal trauma…
11:39 The power to carry out God’s will / the Sprit in risky situations
13:04 This drives addicts to use (vs sober and free living) / In a way, God HAS already given the power to quit
15:37 Don’t use this excuse… because it’s about living in a surrendered way / Over-spiritualized recovery can become…***
17:40 The challenge / Be on guard
18:46 You’re going to have to own some ugly things / Step 11 in the Bible: “I never knew you. Get away from me you evildoer.”
20:33 Side note for the betrayed / God’s will is NOT***
22:07 If you leave a comment, even if it’s about roller-coasters

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