Step 12: Sharing this Message (Ministering after Lies, Betrayal Trauma, or Abuse) 3.12S

Many recovering addicts create more pain by using this Step to abandon their wives. This episode covers what addicts can do instead, especially if he’s betrayed her, lied to her, or used abusive tactics with her.

Episode Summary:
-Step 12 of the 12-Steps
-Are we really powerless to change others’ behavior? (One of the most difficult things for addicts to accept.)
-How addicts can change their thinking (when tempted) and how to NOT cause more pain with this step.
-What Jay’s mask wearing looked like, when there wasn’t a big spiritual awakening

0:00 Intro to Step 12 (It’s not about advertising, it’s living it out)
1:44 How To fulfill this step / Addicts’ acceptance
3:13 Are we really powerless to changes others’ behavior? / When it doesn’t work
5:18 An addict’s acceptance revisited
6:27 When there’s not a big spiritual awakening
8:22 Carrying the message to others… and how addicts can change their thinking when tempted***
9:29 One way addicts harm their wives with this step… and what to do instead
10:48 We’re called to do difficult stuff (the hardest place to practice these principles is…)***
12:16 What Jay’s mask wearing looked like, and what he did instead***
13:23 One caution and one suggestion if you have sobriety (because iron sharpens iron)
14:51 How Scripture encourages this step

The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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