Step 8: All Those I’ve Harmed (Making a list) – 3.08S

Whether it’s through betrayal, trauma, abuse or lying, addictions can cause a lot of harm. In this episode, Jay and Lori cover the first step to making it right, as well as what to do if you’re not ready to.

Episode Summary:
-Step 8 of the 12-Steps
-The first steps in making amends
-Cautions if you’re not ready to make things right
-God can change our “want to’s”

0:00 Intro and explanation of Step 8: We made (this list)
2:16 “Just because I’m willing, doesn’t mean…” & Jay’s personal experience
4:16 This step isn’t about relationship—neither is…
5:09 “All persons” including yourself and God (and a caution if there’s been betrayal and broken trust)
7:16 What cheap grace looks like (Jay’s story) / others you may have harmed
8:16 You just have to be willing to (do this) and how
10:05 Lori likes how the 12-Steps helps us ask, “Do I want to want to?”
11:50 Just being willing can bring some peace***
13:02 If you’re not willing (blackmail towards using again)***
13:45 For marriage relationships (not, “I hate it / I love it”)
14:36 Resentments, misperceptions, and how Jay saw Lori as the enemy
16:15 What the addictive behavior may be covering, but for now it’ just a list***

The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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