Step 9: Making Amends Unless… (And the best apologies) 3.09S

Episode Summary:
-Step 9 of the 12-Steps
-How to handle the exception written in the step
-The most sincere form of an apology
-Excuses people make to not do this step

0:00 Intro to Step 9 (making direct amends)
1:28 The exception explained
2:43 One caution when you feel free afterward / Disclosure specifics
4:20 The step toward God / More on the freedom you may feel
5:20 “This is meant to be humbling” / the difference between amends and confession
6:29 If the person wasn’t a spouse, and if the confession involves sexual acting out (don’t delay)
8:36 The most sincere form of an apology, and specific ways to carry it out***
10:45 The exception revisited, and a creative way to approach this sticky situation***
13:00 After betrayal, the thing to be careful of is…
14:07 Don’t use this as an ‘out’
14:37 Examples of the exception, and how to handle them***
16:29 Character change revisited / The 6 Rs of an apology

The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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