Keys to Successful Relationships (then don’t be married) – 4.03S

Matthew Fray tells what it all comes down to in marriage… and how he felt right after his divorce. Also find out when he would tell a person, “Fine, then don’t be married.”

0:00 Intro / The crux of it all in marriage *
2:45 What defined Matt’s emotions? / Who is most responsible?
3:59 “7 out of 10 marriages end” *
6:19 What ruined Matt’s last day of work
8:29 Jay commends Matt for this
9:47 How Matt felt right after his divorce
10:45 One Solution: Key to successful relationships *
11:35 If it’s not a 10 on the pain scale…
11:55 In the next episode: Will it take divorce for him to get it? – Jay and Lori’s website – Matt’s website – Lori’s site for betrayed partners – Jay’s site for porn addiction recovery


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