How I know we are really together

How I know we are really together.

So here is the challenge that most of us face: when we are physically together with our significant other (SO), we aren’t really together emotionally. We are sitting on the same couch, but we are miles apart when it comes to our needs, thoughts, and feelings.

If this is true, then it is even more true when you are physically separate. You are alone and not connected to the most important person in your life. Then you’re faced with a situation that can test your commitment to your SO. You may want to remain true to them but the bonds that would help you are so weak that you don’t feel any real connection.

I have been there.

I traveled almost every month for my job and I was not doing the work that I needed to do to stay connected when I was at home. I would then get to the work site or the hotel room and feel the pull of other women or porn. I didn’t have any affairs, but porn was definitely my “go to” though. I didn’t think to connect with my SO. I just fed my own selfish desire.

Eventually, all this came out.

It took a while to recover for a number of reasons. But now that we are reconnected and staying connected it is a much different story.

I was at a meeting last night and we (my SO and I) saw that there were woman that could be a possible problem for me. We both acknowledged the presence of these women and went back to our task. Later, my SO was in another room and involved in a meeting. I was alone and walking through the building when one of these women walked past me. I noticed her presence and looked away as I walked on.  I later told my SO about it.

What I told her was

“We are together even when we’re apart.”

She said it melted her heart.


I hope you can say, “Even when we’re apart, we’re still together”.

Or you could be alone, even when you’re together.

Your choice.

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