Other Sources of Betrayal Pain (Video/Podcast) – 2.03S

“Aren’t you over this yet?” “It’s just porn!” “It’s your job to forgive!” Some things told to betrayed who’ve been betrayed don’t help. They only become new sources of pain; new ways we’re betrayed by people we thought we could trust.

Here we cover those things, as well as the origins of the Betrayal Trauma approach.

Topics Covered:
1:02 The beginning of Betrayal Trauma (Origins)

2:37 Why close relationships hurt so much

4:02 Inherent dynamics in the relationship that can cause Relational Trauma

4:22 Different types of betrayal (and what they look like)

5:39 Societal betrayal – The messages she gets from society

7:07 “Whether or not you have a problem with pornography… this other thing IS betrayal.”

8:16 Betrayed by people we turn to for help

9:17 The messages addicts get… AND the messages the partners get

10:20 “I thought we would be a united front…”


The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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