Distance from God and The Different Economies of God (Video) 2.11S

This episode based on something we heard a long time ago, from the pastor who officiated our wedding.

Lori would have assumed the topic of “Distance from God” was just for the addicts, but this episode shares a different take on the betrayed partner’s relationship with God

00:52 Lori would have assumed this topic was just for the addicts, but…
01:13 How this topic originated
01:57 Our take on fear
02:05 What Lori once told a young mother (it applies to betrayed women too)
03:01 What happened that morning in our house & Jay’s walk with God
04:20 Lori’s walk with God (from super-close to…)
05:31 We had 4 months of “we’re going to be okay, “and then… emergency mode again
06:31 Now, three and a half years after Jay got laid off
07:04 I don’t see it as we were doing something wrong (instead this way)…
07:49 A new level of faith
08:48 What Jay’s seen (daily reliance on God)
09:22 Resting after crisis
09:33 What the children’s book said, but…
10:11 “I think God understands” (people in emergencies)
10:52 The Different Economies of God
11:13 A message for betrayed wives
11:40 For those women who are contemplating leaving (what God seems to do)


The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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