Treat Her Betrayal Trauma Pain as Real (& Pray Boldly) – 2.10S

This is one we threw together after a movie one night. The room (and Lori) are a mess, but you may find the content helpful. Thanks to the movie Breakthrough and Chrissy Metz for her powerful acting as the inspiration to our video.

This episode covers one thing that needs to happen if a man is going to repair his relationship… and one thing the woman can do to help get him there.

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00:58 The pain Jay put Lori through
01:24 How Jay helped Lori heal
01:57 “Don’t make me feel bad by showing me your pain”
02:43 Someone Lori knows (“Why didn’t God answer my prayers for her?)
03:42 Lori’s message to the guys
04:50 What sometimes happens after Jay talks to a new client
06:07 If Jay hadn’t treated Lori’s pain as real, this would have happened
07:07 “I’ve rarely seen God let the guy off the hook that way”
07:33 “There may be good reason to never talk to that person again”
07:52 The best scenario (Note: this is even if you don’t stay together)
08:21 (Movie Spoiler Alert) One takeaway from the movie Breakthrough
09:14 What this looked like for Lori
10:37 Sometimes the quickest way for everyone involved is to…


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