The FULL Serenity Prayer (True happiness despite Lies, Betrayal and Abuse) 3.14S

The full version of the Serenity Prayer isn’t well known, yet if addict’s adhered to, it can bring them happiness—a happiness that can replace the pleasure betrayal and lies bring. This episode covers that, while difficult, courageous surrender is the quickest way to joy.


Episode Summary:
-The rest of the original Serenity Prayer
-Addicts may not be good at a certain part of this
-Balancing acceptance and abuse
-How surrender isn’t passivity
-What happiness will look like on this earth, and when supreme happiness happens



0:00 Intro to the FULL Serenity Prayer
1:13 Living (and enjoying) one moment at a time / this helped heal Lori
3:20 Addicts may not be good at this… but if they could just do this…
3:56 Accepting hardships has a purpose / What led to Jay abusing Lori***
5:14 True peace vs pseudo-peace (Guarding your heart)
7:12 This sinful world… but Jesus taught certain things***
9:23 What deep trust (and surrender) looks like… and doesn’t
11:23 When betrayed spouses get to this point, it can change her life in big ways
13:21 Trusting God doesn’t mean feeling secure all the time, but it’s for reasonable happiness
15:41 One tool Lori and Jay use / Our relationship with Jesus can be better than marriage***
16:12 When supreme happiness will happen (and delayed gratification vs chasing that first high)
18:37 Acceptance and what it can bring… but it’s not denial

The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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