What’s Her Problem? (what he was adamant about) – 4.02S

This episode covers a little about Matt’s divorce and his two main focal points in marriage. 0:00 Intro 0:07 Solutions: The two main things Matt works on with his clients * 1:58 Jay’s story / Lori’s story 8:37 Jay and Lori’s mentoring program 10:33 Matt’s story 12:31 What Matt was adamant about regarding marriage * Read more about What’s Her Problem? (what he was adamant about) – 4.02S[…]

A Great New Book: This is How Your Marriage Ends – 4.01S

Meet Matt Fray, Author of “This is How Your Marriage Ends” and hear how he says he ‘forced’ his wife to walk away from the marriage. 0:00 Intro 0:28 Matt’s new book: This is How Your Marriage Ends 1:06 Format of these videos 1:44 How we met 2:57 How Matt became a coach 5:52 Matt’s Read more about A Great New Book: This is How Your Marriage Ends – 4.01S[…]

How to “Rage at the Addiction” (solutions for relationships) – 4.00S

  Whether you’re married, divorced, single or separated, there are effective solutions that can help you heal and can help you have better relationships.   This video previews what to expect in the coming weeks and explains how you can find those solutions.   The second half of the video explains how “Raging at the Read more about How to “Rage at the Addiction” (solutions for relationships) – 4.00S[…]

12 Major Pitfalls of the 12-Steps (after betrayal trauma, abuse and lies) – 3.17S

Addicts have to avoid these major pitfalls if they’re going to recover from their addictions… and if they’re going to rebuilt trust. This episode also covers signs to look for in order to know if the addict is serious about recovery.

Episode Summary:
-Some groups allow masturbation
-Co-ed groups
-Knowing what serious recovery looks like
-Applying 12 Step principles to trauma can do more damage

0:00 Intro

0:42 Major Pitfall One: Some Sex Anonymous groups allow masturbation (and this can lead to more lies)

1:52 Major Pitfall Two: Not being careful in Co-ed groups

3:59 Major Pitfall Three: Using group time to badmouth your wife

12 Common Pitfalls of the 12-Steps (after betrayal trauma, abuse and lies) – 3.16S

Addicts have to avoid these common pitfalls if they’re going to recover from their addictions… and if they’re not going to make things worse in the relationship.

Episode Summary:
-Signs of impending relapse
-Sponsorship and Accountability Partnership
-Avoiding becoming a dry drunk
-The “24-Hour Reprieve”

0:00 Intro

1:02 Pitfall One: Relapse (not knowing the signs of it)***

2:39 Pitfall Two: Confusing the roles of the sponsor and accountability partner / What Jay looks for in sponsors

How can a Loving God Allow… (The Pain of Betrayal, Lies and Abuse) – 3.15S

If God is good, how can He allow things like addiction, betrayal, lies and abuse? In this episode we cover that difficult topic. While we address the ancient saying, “fill up the sufferings of Christ,” we also add a caveat for partners who’ve been lied to and mistreated.

Episode Summary:
-How can a loving God allow certain things?
-Filling up the sufferings of Christ
-How betrayed spouses can know if they should STOP suffering to get through to the addict
-Kittens & Crawling into God’s arms
-We both break down and cry

0:00 Intro
0:46 How can God allow certain things: First thought (another meaning for “will”)
2:35 Second thought (connectibility)
3:20 Third (when the sun always shines there’s little…)

The FULL Serenity Prayer (True happiness despite Lies, Betrayal and Abuse) 3.14S

The full version of the Serenity Prayer isn’t well known, yet if addict’s adhered to, it can bring them happiness—a happiness that can replace the pleasure betrayal and lies bring. This episode covers that, while difficult, courageous surrender is the quickest way to joy.

Episode Summary:
-The rest of the original Serenity Prayer
-Addicts may not be good at a certain part of this
-Balancing acceptance and abuse
-How surrender isn’t passivity
-What happiness will look like on this earth, and when supreme happiness happens

0:00 Intro to the FULL Serenity Prayer
1:13 Living (and enjoying) one moment at a time / this helped heal Lori
3:20 Addicts may not be good at this… but if they could just do this…
3:56 Accepting hardships has a purpose / What led to Jay abusing Lori***

The REAL Serenity Prayer (The quickest way to change your situation) – 3.13S

Most people have heard the first three lines of the Serenity Prayer, but it’s usually the popular version. The original version is much richer. And its main tenants are essential for recovery from porn and sex addiction, and especially lies. This episode covers the first three lines of that Prayer. (The next episode will cover the rest.)

Episode Summary:
-Being ‘strong and courageous’
-When the addict’s expectations aren’t met
-The quickest way to change our situation is to… but only if…

0:00 Intro to the Original Serenity Prayer
2:15 The second part of the original prayer / What serenity may look like for the addict
3:47 Why we are to call each other into our nobility (“Addicts have to have evidence of life change”)***

Step 12: Sharing this Message (Ministering after Lies, Betrayal Trauma, or Abuse) 3.12S

Many recovering addicts create more pain by using this Step to abandon their wives. This episode covers what addicts can do instead, especially if he’s betrayed her, lied to her, or used abusive tactics with her.

Episode Summary:
-Step 12 of the 12-Steps
-Are we really powerless to change others’ behavior? (One of the most difficult things for addicts to accept.)
-How addicts can change their thinking (when tempted) and how to NOT cause more pain with this step.
-What Jay’s mask wearing looked like, when there wasn’t a big spiritual awakening

0:00 Intro to Step 12 (It’s not about advertising, it’s living it out)
1:44 How To fulfill this step / Addicts’ acceptance
3:13 Are we really powerless to changes others’ behavior? / When it doesn’t work

Step 11: Contact God (Living in a surrendered way) – 3.11S

It’s one thing to lay down an addiction, but it needs to be replaced with something more life-giving. This episode is about taking your sobriety further on a daily basis through relationship with God/your Higher Power. We offer practical ways to accomplish this, as well as cautions for rebuilding trust after betrayal, lies and abuse.

Episode Summary:
-Step 11 of the 12-Steps (Increasing your conscious contact with God & praying for HIS will and HIS Power)
-One difference between prayer and meditation
-It’s about living in a surrendered way… daily
-Side note for betrayed partners and this step in the Bible

0:00 Intro to Step 11 / Jay’s take on how prayer and meditation are different / Ways to meditate***
3:04 Praying for God’s will & surrendering / Conscious contact with God
4:29 One major benefit of meditation / How Lori did this the previous year

Step 10: For When You’re Wrong (and rewiring the addicted brain) – 3.10S

We all mess up, but after betrayal trauma and lies, but if an addict wants to rebuild trust, they have to be prompt about making things right. This episode covers a few techniques to make this an easier process. It also covers how Lori knows Jay’s character changed.

Episode Summary:
-Step 10 of the 12-Steps
-How to avoid the slippery slope
-One way to rewire the addicted brain

0:00 Intro to Step 10 (Continuing to take a personal inventory and when I’m wrong…) / This should be done daily
2:08 One way to do this and why***

Step 9: Making Amends Unless… (And the best apologies) 3.09S

Episode Summary:
-Step 9 of the 12-Steps
-How to handle the exception written in the step
-The most sincere form of an apology
-Excuses people make to not do this step

0:00 Intro to Step 9 (making direct amends)
1:28 The exception explained
2:43 One caution when you feel free afterward / Disclosure specifics

Step 8: All Those I’ve Harmed (Making a list) – 3.08S

Whether it’s through betrayal, trauma, abuse or lying, addictions can cause a lot of harm. In this episode, Jay and Lori cover the first step to making it right, as well as what to do if you’re not ready to.

Episode Summary:
-Step 8 of the 12-Steps
-The first steps in making amends
-Cautions if you’re not ready to make things right
-God can change our “want to’s”

0:00 Intro and explanation of Step 8: We made (this list)
2:16 “Just because I’m willing, doesn’t mean…” & Jay’s personal experience
4:16 This step isn’t about relationship—neither is…

Step 7: The Humble Ask (God Doesn’t Just Take it Away) – 3.07S

It’d be great if God just took the desire for our addicts away, but we rarely see that in our line of work. This episode covers what to do instead, as well as special things to consider after lying and betrayal.

In this episode we cover:
-Step 7 of the 12-Steps
-What true humility looks like
-God doesn’t just take it away

0:00 Intro
1:38 If you have to ask about it then… / The middle part of the 12-Steps
2:22 Getting to where we’re humble enough to ask without… / It’s not like God’s going to just take it away if…
3:22 “God, you’re going to have to take it away, because I don’t want to let go of it” / Many examples of what humility looks like***

Step 6 Character Defects (Handing over old tools) – 3.06S

Porn addiction, betrayal and lies can wreck a couple. An addict has to be ready to release his old coping mechanisms. Jay and Lori also cover their experience with addiction and fear, as well as what surrender looks like. They also address the difference between Savior and Boss.

0:00 Intro & Step 6 (Preparing for this…)
1:55 “Being entirely ready” means getting rid of ‘tools’ that help only me
3:08 Jesus appears to ask a stupid question but it applies to addicts***
4:52 But those tools have been effective in these ways…

Step 5: Admit It (and how this is different than Disclosure after Betrayal and Lying) – 3.05S

Watch video on YouTube here: This Step is about addicts not lying to themselves anymore—and not hiding the truth about themselves—anymore. It’s about getting real, and why. In this episode we cover: -Step 5 of the 12-Steps -How there are different layers to addiction and lust -What else needs to be faced regarding lust if Read more about Step 5: Admit It (and how this is different than Disclosure after Betrayal and Lying) – 3.05S[…]

Step 4: A Fearless Step (Write for Freedom) – 3.04S

Withholding information (also known as lying) is common, especially with porn and sex addicion. That’s why this step is crucial to healing, both for the addict, and for the one who’s been lied to and sexually betrayed.

In this episode we cover:
-Step 4 of the 12-Steps
-A searching and fearless moral inventory
-The more you write out, the more freedom you will experience

0:00 Intro to Step 4: Listing where they were out of integrity (and one easier way to do this)
2:54 What to look for in a sponsor/accountability partner
3:25 Disclosure: how it’s different (t’s done with the betrayed partner’s pain in mind)

Healing Addiction through Surrendering All (if you have questions)

Hello Our latest video is down below, but as an FYI… We will be on a live Q&A tonight as part of a summit sharing tips on managing emotions, disclosure, separation, reconciliation and beyond in an online summit called Renew. The Q&A is happening at 7pm Eastern tonight (May 12), and we hope you can Read more about Healing Addiction through Surrendering All (if you have questions)[…]

Addiction Recovery & Betrayal Trauma: Step 2 (Restoring Sanity) – 3.02S & Tons of Free Information

This episode covers: Step 2 of the 12 Steps / Believing in a Power greater than ourselves / The root of the problem. Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
1:09 Pornographically addicted
1:32 Step 2 – Restore me to sanity
1:59 Jay gets self-righteous
2:53 Hurt in the name of

Addiction Recovery & Betrayal Trauma: Step 1 (Life Becomes Unmanageable) – 3.01S

Here’s our latest episode, which covers:
-Step 1 of the 12 Steps
-How it reflects the steps toward God
-What Jay and Lori see in their clients

0:00 Intro
0:34 What this season is based on
2:04 Step 1’s key phrases
2:27 What Jay sees with the guys he works with
3:02 A different perspective on our powerlessness
3:57 The difficulty Jay had with this step
5:35 How some addicts deal with this
6:28 The “disobedient dog” in Jay