How Lies Increase Betrayal Trauma Pain, Pt 2 (Video) – 2.08S

(Continued from previous episode)


Lori holds Jay’s feet to the fire on one of his past beliefs. Then we speak directly to the guys.


0:27 What Lori’s counselor said about the lying (a character issue)…. and Jay agrees

1:23 One thing that scares guys, and what helps

2:10 A time Lori lied (‘had a fever’), and what changed her

4:01 When guys aren’t tortured by their lies

4:43 Lori confronts Jay on something he said (‘survival’)

5:24 Lori digs deeper on his belief

5:49 Lori speaks up for women (‘Do NOT put that in my husband’s ear!’) / Jay agrees

6:26 The ‘Stealing Kid’

6:46 Lori gets real with Jay again / he admits it doesn’t make sense

7:28 Jay’s thinking as a teen (It was effective, so… )

7:49 What we are NOT saying

8:22 Jay speaks to the guys (If you’re using my words to justify your actions…)

9:09 Something that may help

9:44 Why Lori called Jay on the carpet… and why Jay understands

9:58 What Jay tells the guys

10:19 Jay, “The lie is just convenient… and”

10:35 Lori asks Jay what he would do differently

11:12 On the subject of lying to ourselves, how facing it got some guys free

11:41 … but if the guy remains self-deceived

12:25 ‘Stinking Common!’ (our why)



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