Systems of Oppression & Injustice (7 Truths and What to Do About It) – 2.17S

In the last full episode of Season 2, we talk about a not-so-fun reality that exists in many areas of our nation: Injustice through Systems of Oppression. BUT we also share something you can do if you find yourself on the receiving end of injustice.


0:31 How this episode came about
0:51 Truth 1: There IS injustice in the world
2:14 “God why are you not coming through?”
2:53 Truth 2: People DO take advantage of others through… (Jay’s experience with this)
3:47 Truth 3: Some will fight tooth-and-nail to get their way
4:15 Truth 4: There ARE Systems of oppression out there! … and our DNA
5:19 Truth 5: Some Professionals ARE stuck in old ways
5:57 “Why do you allow this to continue, God?” (Some positive truths)
6:25 Truth 6: You DO have people who will…
7:17 Truth 7: What you CAN do to fight injustice
7:44 Occasionally people will develop the courage to make things right
9:41 The time is coming where good things are coming for you, through others or…
10:42 Lori asks Jay: “Isn’t maintaining one’s image very difficult?”
14:04 Jay’s advice to the guys
14:40 How the old way felt/the new way feels to Jay (it changed how he dreams)


The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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