Angry at God (or With God) – 2.16S

This one starts out talking about the partner’s anger at God (it might just be something else). Then we talk about the addict’s anger at God, himself… and the wife. And what he should do if he’s angry with the wife.

0:41 The article behind this topic
1:21 (First time God shows things through technology)
1:29 I felt God say this
1:49 Part of the article that explains it
2:33 (Second time God shows things through technology)
3:46 Jay: “Both you and God have good reason to be angry at me… and it’s righteous”
5:00 In what areas are the guys angry?
5:12 They guys’ anger with God
6:42 The guys’ anger with themselves
7:59 The guys’ anger with the wives
8:56 “The timeline of trauma is non-existent”
10:09 What our marriage therapist said about upset and expectations
10:45 ‘Guys, if you’re upset with the wife, then…’
11:09 Shame and anger (and his image)
12:27 If the guy has issues with anger
13:16 Anger is probably used because it’s been effective to keep her quiet
13:46 Wrap up (There are simple solutions)


The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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