What She Wishes She’d Known, Pt 1 (Video) – 2.05S

Lori shares what she wishes she’d known about betrayal the first time the truth came out.

Topics Covered:
(These timestamps track the video. The podcast will be out of sync by a few seconds.)

0:46 If you don’t know our story or don’t know if you can trust us…

1:02 If you don’t think porn can be addictive…

1:58 If the betrayal happened through a means other than porn…

2:39 What she wishes she had known: “I wish I had known I wasn’t crazy.”

3:46 What Jay sees with guys.

4:22 One of the reasons we end up feeling crazy is…

4:44 Why porn feel more risky than other addictions

5:48 She wishes she had known: ‘To be careful who I had talked to about this… including the professionals…

5:57 … because there are two different main approaches (Codependent Model v. Trauma Model.)’

7:00 There’s something else going on. It’s not her codependency.

7:15 The issue of Treatment Induced Trauma

8:23 She wishes she’d known: “To look for a Betrayal Trauma Trained person” in the helping community.

8:36 She wishes she’d known: “He loved it… and he hated it.”

9:10 Jay explains how it affected him.

9:52 “I can’t control myself around certain members of the opposite sex.”




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