What She Wishes She’d Known, Pt 2 (Video) – 2.06S

Continued from the previous episode where Lori shares what she wishes she’d known the first time the truth came out.

Topics Covered:

***TRIGGER WARINING*** The section from 6:36 to 9:36 could trigger people whose marriages aren’t in a good place right now.

0:54 Why we speak from a sexual integrity standpoint

1:11 She wishes she’d known: “That it could never satisfy him.”

2:04 Which is also how involvement in porn can get into some scary areas.

2:28 At first the man might be horrified by the porn he finds, but then…

2:48 The parts of our brain that are horrified are close to the parts of our brain that get turned on

3:42 She wishes she’d known: “How important boundaries were… and how difficult they would be to maintain”

4:15 Jay’s take on boundaries

5:45 When a woman finds her voice, that’s when things can ‘get hairy.’


6:36 She wishes she’d known: “He could make me his one-and-only”

7:22 Jay speaks on this

7:53 ‘Guys, please understand, she does want to know you”

8:10 She wishes she’d known: “That marriage could be this great”

8:45 What helps Jay stay sober

9:28 She wishes she’d known: “That it would be worth it”

9:36 How to download Lori’s free guide, 7 Tools Women Rarely Find for things you can do right now to start healing more quickly.


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