“Woman, Submit!” (What Submission Looks Like after Betrayal Trauma) – 2.13S

Submission in marriage is regularly misunderstood, so this episode discusses what God meant it to look like in marriage… and what it might look like after betrayal.

0:36 Ephesians 5 and how it’s been used against women
1:07 But just one verse prior (we all are supposed to submit)
1:47 Twice as much instruction given to men, and why…
2:20 “No woman would have a difficult time submitting if he loved her like Christ loves the Church.”
2:57 The man’s sacrifice is for… (this can be difficult to hear)
3:34 …but guys need to remember this
3:57 Children and Adult Children / Slaves and Masters (“become slaves to each other’s needs”)
4:16 Women are wired to give back so much that…
5:01 A very healing stance the guy can take
5:45 Guys, if you don’t like the way this sounds…
6:07 The focus of the entire Book of Ephesians
6:37 “Me vs. Her” thinking is a sign that…
6:56 Abdication can cause problems (“Woman, submit… AND lead”)
8:40 Our take on slavery
9:46 Guys, if you want your wife to submit, then do this
10:32 A caution for wives & what submission after Betrayal Trauma might look like
11:55 Wrap-up (mutual sacrifice)


The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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