Comebacks – The Nice One (How I Expressed My Voice) – 2.14S

In this episode we give an example of how to respond to someone who is gentle, yet still misunderstanding the issues involved after betrayal.

1:00 Jay explains the letter sent to us (“You’re codependent!”)
1:43 Structure of this episode & Writer’s Introduction
2:13 Lori’s initial response (General ways porn addiction is different from chemical addiction)
2:53 Accountability versus Trust
3:13 Codependency? (Treatment Induced Trauma)
5:05 How can she trust him if she’s still controlling every aspect of his recovery? (Lori hated this)
5:45 Punishing the addict
6:08 Chemical addicts seeing images of the chemical… (and how porn addiction is MUCH different)
7:28 Desensitization… or Re-sensitization
8:02 ‘My Partner controls my recovery!’ (If images injected drugs into addicts)
10:10 What happened to this writer… and that relationship
10:52 Controlling or Critical? (The difference between the writer and Jay)
12:10 On next episode (and wrap up)


The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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