Comebacks – The Nastier One (How I expressed My Voice Pt 2) – 2.15S

This is a continuation of the last episode where we’re covering how Lori responded to those who objected to how we’ve recovered.

This exchange, however, got a little nastier than the last one.

00:48 A quick description of this writer
01:18 The background for this conversation
01:44 “It took you 6 years? That’s insane!”
02:21 “Your wife is into science, so…”
02:44 “If you had learned more of my story before judging…”
03:03 “Since you were bold enough to call me insane…”
03:15 “Having an easy time of this can be a sign of…”
03:27 Treatment Induced Trauma and Institutional Trauma
03:40 They use the same porn & Lori advocates for his wife)
04:16 Lori clarifies the 6 years comment
04:32 Lori didn’t hear from him again, but the next time we saw the couple…
05:05 The next time Jay heard from him (Christmas email)
05:22 Jay’s response ticked him off (but what really floored Jay)
06:47 Porn doesn’t really kill people?
07:37 Story of going to extremes / Jay’s experience of suicidal thoughts
09:06 “I’m sorry I shot you in the chest. Let me leave you now.”
09:21 Both of these writers were family members (the result)
09:50 Going public can impact family relationships, but…
10:22 Jay tears up (Wrap up)


The podcast is below. (It may take a couple hours for it to show up on iTunes, etc.)

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