12 Major Pitfalls of the 12-Steps (after betrayal trauma, abuse and lies) – 3.17S

Addicts have to avoid these major pitfalls if they’re going to recover from their addictions… and if they’re going to rebuilt trust. This episode also covers signs to look for in order to know if the addict is serious about recovery.


Episode Summary:
-Some groups allow masturbation
-Co-ed groups
-Knowing what serious recovery looks like
-Applying 12 Step principles to trauma can do more damage


0:00 Intro

0:42 Major Pitfall One: Some Sex Anonymous groups allow masturbation (and this can lead to more lies)

1:52 Major Pitfall Two: Not being careful in Co-ed groups

3:59 Major Pitfall Three: Using group time to badmouth your wife

4:46 Major Pitfall Four: Allowing group members to badmouth your wife

5:27 Major Pitfall Five: If he’s not recovering for himself

6:30 Major Pitfall Six: Not knowing what serious recovery looks like

7:52 Major Pitfall Seven: Christian addicts thinking they’ve already done Steps 1-3***

9:55 Major Pitfall Eight: Adopting group rules if they violate yours

10:38 Major Pitfall Nine: Adopting group rules if they violate God’s

11:19 Major Pitfall Ten: Applying the 12 Steps to the traumatized spouse / What they did at our old CR ***

14:50 Major Pitfall Eleven: Applying the codependent model to the traumatized spouse***

16:58 Major Pitfall Twelve: Not getting a mentor if needed

19:06 Season wrap-up / Preview of (possible) coming events

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